Gotoh Fixed Bridges - 510UB

Gotoh 510UB-CK

Gotoh's 510 Series modern wraparound fixed bridge. Studs are locking for solid performance. The bridge clips into the studs for security and each side is adjustable forward and back for intonation.

Available in seven finishes, including the water and oil-resistant X-finishes.

Example shown in cosmo black finish (CK).
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Gotoh 510UB-XG
X-Gold 510 Wraparound Bridge
X-gold 510 series wraparound bridge with locking studs. Saddle material: hard zinc. String-spacing: 10.4mm.
Package includes locking studs + anchors + hex wrenches.
Model: 510UB
Finish: X-Gold
Saddle: Hard zinc
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